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Negligent Hiring – The Million Dollar Mistake

In order to avoid negligent hiring or retention situations, consider a few basic best practices: Ensure the due diligence is equivalent with the risk – Not all positions provide the same level of access to people, facilities, and systems. The depth of the background check should be commensurate with the risk. The likelihood that your […]


Re-Screening Current Employees

The lingering impact of the global recession coupled with a reported lack of qualified talent have led many employers to seek out non-traditional approaches to managing talent, like asking current employees to take on additional responsibilities, sourcing employees with foreign backgrounds, and looking to contingent workers to take on business-critical duties. Perhaps this may be […]


How Long Does an Employee Background Check Take?

If there’s one question that can make an expert in employment background checks squirm a little, it’s likely this one: How long will the background check take? That’s because the answer is, like many things related to background checks such as cost and scope: it depends. The reason for such a wide variation in the […]


Employment Verification: A Crucial Check

Looking into a candidate’s past work history can reveal insight into their job stability and loyalty to an employer. Employers should compare what a candidate claims on their resume with the actual information reported by a background screening company. Verifications can confirm: Job start and end dates Titles held Salary Job duties The reason for […]


6 Questions to Ask When Building a Background Check Policy

Many employers struggle with determining if they’re at a stage where they really need to have a formal policy around employment background checks. The reality is that most employers, regardless of size or industry, should likely have some sort of policy in place. That’s because, no matter what type of employer you are, background checks […]


Hiring Manager Interviewer Fails and How to Fix Them

Your recruiter has scoured scores of resumes to find the perfect candidate, phone screened and met in person the best of the lot, and now all that’s left is to bring the most qualified job seekers in for an interview with you, the hiring manager. You can almost see the finish line and look forward […]