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How Long Does an Employee Background Check Take?

Gallery 04If there’s one question that can make an expert in employment background checks squirm a little, it’s likely this one: How long will the background check take?

That’s because the answer is, like many things related to background checks such as cost and scope: it depends.

The reason for such a wide variation in the timeline of the check is that there is a wide variation in the specific elements that make up the background check.

But generally speaking, a typical check usually takes two to four business days barring any unforeseen circumstances or other complications.

That said, some aspects of the process can take longer, depending on individual circumstances.

Here are some examples of the variations and how they might impact the timing:

  • Credit check
  • Employment verification
  • Academic/educational verification
  • Professional qualifications verification
  • Global watch list checks
  • Criminal checks
  • Motor vehicle records

While there really isn’t any way to make it go faster, since there are so elements out of the candidate and the screening provider’s control, there are things that can slow it down.


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