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Hiring Manager Interviewer Fails and How to Fix Them

Gallery 10Your recruiter has scoured scores of resumes to find the perfect candidate, phone screened and met in person the best of the lot, and now all that’s left is to bring the most qualified job seekers in for an interview with you, the hiring manager.

You can almost see the finish line and look forward to learning exactly how the candidate will contribute to your company’s success.

And here’s where things can go south.

Take it from seasoned recruiters: Hiring Managers can turn off an in-demand job candidate with even the slightest negatively-perceived detail and possibly lose a superstar.

These recruiters recommend conducting every interview with all possible professionalism and good manners and avoid five potential pitfalls.

Mess up one or more and candidates can easily damage your employment brand by simply sharing their negative experience about your interview process through their social networks.

Just as you know how to pick up on verbal and visual cues from your candidates’ demeanor during an interview, they too can read your attitude – which may affect what they tell their peers about your company and whether or not they accept your job offer.

Here are five tips to provide your hiring managers to help keep a great candidate enthusiastic about joining your company:

1. Pay attention


2. Be aware of your body language


3. Smile


4. Don’t dwell only on his or her resume


5. Maintain eye contact and shake hands like you mean it